Not fair

20 May

I want to join a solo non race competition. But all there is are races. There should be a competition for who organizes.l the best competition.


16 May

We went ona school trip. It was freezing cold but really fun. Hope next one is not as cold.

Why I can’t beat a kid

13 May

This kid is really ticking me off. And I can’t beat him at something so he can stop it, because he does not know! He is already annoying others. I think I will show him a ghost movie, like Paranormal Activity 3, or have a series of competions. Thank goodness he is not going on the school trip to I-City. What’s he gonna do, knock a girl down and jump on her?

List of classmates.

30 Apr

Emma : Girl who is not exactly honest
Wong : Soccer clazy.

Nicholas: AUGH!
Prashant: Random guy.
Nat : Uh oh.
Rest : Random.I am too lazy to do them.
Me : Most awesome, destructive, guy in the universe.


30 Apr

Allright. No story ideas. So, I will be doing random skits, competitions and poems. It will be rare if you ever see a series.

Come ON!

29 Apr
Please see!

Dragons (1)

28 Apr

Please see!
Link : http:/




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